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Members of the Southern Club are welcome to send in photos of their CBs either pure or part and they can be put on here to share.  :-)

Alice and Maggie 3 counties 1

Bahian Alice (partbred) &

Bahian Maggie (pure CB)

Bahian Maggie

Champion Cleveland Bay at

Royal 3 Counties Show 2015

photo by 1st Class Images

Trooper & Folds Veronica Royal Show 2004c Trooper Winter BD Semi-Finals 2007-1c

Folds Veronica &

Harrington Here and Now

Harrington Here and Now

kenley majorda beach Kenley baby

Kenley Majorda Beach

and a Kenley baby

Appleton wiske

Appleton Wiske ridden sidesaddle ridden by Susan Lomax

Cholderton Janus

Cholderton Janus

Cholderton Lysander

Cholderton Lysander