Magazine P. 29

Should We Have A Picture Library? 

The following article first appeared as an Editorial in our News Pages at the beginning of 2010 where it ran for six months.   During the whole of that time it ellicited no comment or discussion on the open Forum.  Perhaps an indication of the apathy which bedevils our quest to promote the Cleveland Bay?

     Survival of the Cleveland Bay rests on two essential legs - producing the horses and producing the buyers.   It is arguable that the latter may be the more problematic.  How to create the 'want' factor may be a matter for endless discussion.    That we should seize every opportunity to promote the breed is obvious.

     Recently this website received an email from a Continental magazine.   Each month the magazine features a different breed and they now needed some photographs to illustrate an article on the Cleveland Bay.   Within the very short time frame available it was not possible to canvass more than a few sources.   Many thanks for the generous responses.   Images also had to comply with certain technical specifications.   At the eleventh hour a fully captioned selection of pictures was sent off.   Given more time we might have sourced a much better compilation.

     If we are to respond to unexpected opportunities for promoting and publicizing the Cleveland Bay two things are necessary - readiness and resource.   The latter means essentially text and illustrations.   So far as illustrations are concerned the need is for a fully catalogued and peer-reviewed library.   Photographs for the library would be selected with regard to effective illustration of the many and varied aspects of the breed.   Thus it would include pictures exemplifying breed characteristics and type and photographs illustrating particular attributes or activities.   A cross-referenced and easily searchable catalogue would be a vital component of the library, ensuring simple access for whatever purpose.   It would include full data relating to every image and most importantly clarify reproduction and copyright issues.

     Let us know what you think by sending a post to the General Discussion section of our Forum.