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The First Days of Lambley Jack

Anyone who has seen Pamela Shipley competing her horse Harrington Gala will know of the strong bond they shared.   When  Pamela bought the young gelding Barbarian Buccaneer (Buck), she decided to put Gala into foal by Penrhyn Dictator.  It just so happens that Dictator is also Buck's sire!   First time breeder Pamela was overjoyed when Gala produced a fine young colt in the early morning of Thursday 10th June 2010.   She contacted this website with the good news and next day sent photographs of mare and foal, by now named Lambley Jack, for publication on our Foaling Announcements page.

"Our thanks to everyone for their support and kind help over the last 48 hours.   It kept us going.

       We had a call yesterday morning from a lady who had been told about us via Facebook - her mare had foaled prematurely that morning with a dead foal (turned out it had a mummifed twin so chances of survival very very slim).  We went over and picked her up, she is a lovely Irish sporthorse called Philippa, 15 years old and grey.  We took her to Oakham where they did the first feed at 5pm and told us she was more interested in Jack than the dead foal's skin.   At 10 that evening she tried to break the barriers down to get at Jack (he was caged in a corner for his safety).    She wanted HER foal, and HER foal had to be with her - so the nurses carefully brought Jack out minus skin - he is her foal, she has washed him, lets him feed (thank goodness as he has inherited Gala's gannet gene) and guards him when he sleeps. They are going out in a paddock today and then all being well are coming home tomorrow.

       A very special thanks to a special lady for handing her mare over to a complete stranger."

Then just 48 hours after Jack's birth came the shattering report on Saturday morning that Gala had died from foal colic.  While still reeling from the loss, Pamela had to start the urgent search for a foster mare.   She used every means possible from telephone and text messages to social networking sites on the internet.   Both this website and the new CBHS website carried the appeal.  By the afternoon of Sunday, Pamela had found a mare and was taking her to join Jack who was being cared for at the Oakham Veterinary Centre in Rutland.   On Monday we received the following message from Pamela:


Lambley Jack with his dam, Harrington Gala

Photo C. Shipley.

Just ten days after the tragedy, Pamela sent the following photographs and was able to report  "Young Jack is a very cheeky, lively foal who adores his new mother, and she adores him".