Stop Thief !

Help in protecting your horses, equipment and vehicles

and what to do if the worst happens.

Horses and ponies, horseboxes and trailers, saddles and tack:  all  have a magnetic attraction for some thieving criminals.   We have been directed to some very useful websites which may lower the chances of you falling victim to this sort of criminal activity.   If you are unfortunate to suffer a loss then the websites could help you recover stolen animals or property.


        The UK Horsewatch Alliance acts as a focus for horsewatch groups all over the country and has internet links to local websites maintained by individual police forces.


         The New Forest Equine Directory (NFED) carries the Hamphire Horse Watch.   In addition to links for local information this very active website has a button marked Latest News Bulletin.   Click on this and you are presented with a vast pdf list of equine related crimes.   Fortunately, the information is listed on a county by county basis so is not too daunting.


        Finally the National Equine Database can help locate missing horses and provides a useful avenue for verifying details of horses offered for sale.   You will need to register on-line but this is free.   The NED also offers more advanced search facilities on a pay as you go basis.   We would urge you to take a look at these sites - simply click on the titles underlined.   Just in case you should ever need help it is good to know what is available and where to find it.   Why not add them to the 'Favourites' list in your browser?   We have also included them on our Links page.


This information first appeared in our News Pages in late 2009. It was then transferred to page 24 of the former Magazine section which was in turn incorporated into the Cleveland World section of the website.