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     A tribute to Farnham Lady Marygold

Farnham Lady Marygold photographed by Colin Green on her 33rd birthday


On 10th June 2009, with their kind permission, we reproduced the following announcement by Colin and Margaret Green:


     Sadly Farnham Lady Marygold reached the end of her life today. She was 33 years and possibly the oldest pure bred mare around. She was one of our Tregoyd foundation mares and had been with us for all of those years except her first year.


     She was a very tough lady with a great strength of character which she passed on to all of her offspring. She has 13 sons and daughters registered in the full CB stud books and there are two other colts that we did not register in the early days and she also slipped two foals at quite late dates.  Farnham has been an outstanding breeder and has been one of the most remarkable CB mares of any period within the Cleveland Bay history. She loved foals and also served as a surrogate mother to an orphaned, coloured, warmblood foal after her own breeding time was over and taking to him just like he was her own.


Colin and Margaret Green

Tregoyd, Wales

Farnham Lady Marygold

On Thursday evening, 11th June, Colin and Margaret made this posting on the TalkClevelandBay forum:


     Margaret and I are overwhelmed by so many kind email messages of condolence, both through the groups and also privately, following our loss of FLM.   Thank you all very much indeed. She was a remarkable mare and even on her death has managed to attract such affection even from people who had no contact with her. We feel sure that if you study your CB pedigrees you will find many links to her family on both sides of her pedigree. It is interesting to note that her sister - Farnham Elizabeth - who is just a year younger, is still alive. Both mares are out of Lady Maybe with Marygold being by the stallion Spartacus and Elizabeth being by Forest Superman. Spartacus was by Superman anyway so the combination must have been just right to produce tough, long lived progeny. Lady Maybe was bred by that remarkable and influential CB breeder, Marygold Nixey. Lady Maybe arrived before Marygold used her prefix of 'Harrington.'


We send best wishes to all breeders of Cleveland Bays and to all connected with this precious Breed at this difficult economic time.


Colin and Margaret Green

Tregoyd, Wales

11th June 2009