Southwest Equine Fair 2013 - a Review and photographs.

Southwest Equine Fair - Exeter - 7th and 8th Dec

The Exeter equine fair was held on 7/8th December the SCBC

was represented by a fantastic ridden stallion display and also

an outside stand and alongside a used (by a big friendly

Stallion Smokey) breed stable.

Cholderton Ixion is Smokey's show name, he did such a great

job standing in that stable all weekend making hundreds of new

friends. We had visitors from Australia, Canada and all of UK.


Visitors took great delight in visiting the stand, and seeing a

very friendly stallion, in fact most were amazed at how well

we was coping with all the new people patting him. On the Saturday

Cecilia rode Smokey in the horse stallion display. The display was

right in the middle of all the shopping tents, surrounded in very

close proximity to hundreds of people all trying to see a Cleveland

Bay stallion for their own eyes.


Smokey performed his absolute best and despite the pressure pulled out a fantastic display whilst a commentator discussed the horses circling around.


Hopefully the stand served as a fantastic showcase for all the visitors, on hand all weekend were great helpers and regulars from the SCBC - Thanks to all who made it such a fun weekend!


 Click here for more info about the event.  Many thanks to Mark Webb for the coming photos!