With the introduction of Cleveland classes to Thame Show, it was unfortunate that only two horses made an appearance last year. So with the CB classes being closely watched by the show organisers, 10 entry's for the Inhand, and four ridden was very encouraging! One horse was not forward in the Inhand class, due to lameness I hear.
  The horse friendly lay out of Thame ensured there was plenty of space to keep your horse in a quiet spot and wait calmly for the class. Then walking up through a special horse only walk way to a nice enclosed ring next to the Show Jumping warm up and alongside Ring 2 with various classes.
  We did have to avoid the heavy turn out carts again, but luckily, they were ushered into the Main Ring after pre-judging the ring was ours. What a turn out! Nine fantastic looking well-behaved horses. I think everyone was feeling the heat and at around 25 degrees, a showing jacket and a full speed jog is never condusive to comfort! The judge was very sympathetic letting us all cut some corners avoiding the scurry ponies, some of us have never seen them before! Luckily after a few circuits most had settled and were not bothered. We lined up and the judge took her looks. With several giving very special extended trots, I heard some wow's from the crowd. The public were interested in the class, with nine to choose from there were a few Cleveland Styles on offfer. Young and old, Mares, Geldings and Colts - something for everyone!
  There was a very friendly feel to the class, with some new friends being made in the line up, and everyone sharing 'did you see that!' stories about the scurry ponies next door. Great Job! A small wait for the Thame 1-6 Rosettes, then all were awarded with Southern Cleveland Bay Club special rosettes, a move welcomed by all. It is hard work to show in such heat, and all deserve some a ribbon! So with three of us nicely warmed up for the Ridden Class, on we went,,,

  As we did, the anouncer on the main ring (A walkway away) announced the arrival of the Motor Bike display team! - Only Clevelands could have put up with this I'm telling you! Smoke bombs, back firing bikes and the flaming ring of fire - what a temperament tester! Some fantastic work from all and some very good gallops. With the heat, and as most of us being in the in hand class as well, we were relieved to be that the Judge was able to make the placings without a strip down.

Cleveland Bay Results

In Hand All Ages Pure and Part Bred

1st Thomsonbrook King William - Owner Jean Morgan, shown by Cecilia Delville-Lindsay
2nd SainteLucie Celine Isolina - Owner Rowena Scrimshow, shown by Jane Harper
3rd Ditchley Premier - Owned and shown by Maggie Brown
4th Penrose Columbus - Owned and shown by Debbie Swift
5th Harrington Lucky Lady - Owned and shown by Jennie Dawson
6th Thomsonbrook England's Rose - Owned by Jean Morgan, shown by Vicki Gregory

Ridden Pure and Part Bred

1st Thomsonbrook First Lady - Owned by Jean Morgan, ridden by Pippa Morgan
2nd SainteLucie Celine Isolina - Owned by Rowena Scrimshaw, ridden by Jane Harper
3rd Penrose Columbus - Owned and ridden by Debbie Swift
4th Harrington Lucky Lady - Owned and ridden by Jennie Dawson

Additional photographs by Silvia Chamberlayne - click to enlarge

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