Two Cleveland Bays from Luxembourg represented the breed at the 15th International Competition of Traditional Carriage Driving on 21st and 22nd May 2011 at Cuts, 30 km from Compiègne, northeast of Paris.   The prestigious event held in the park of the Castle of Cuts attracts sixty participants from across Europe amd the USA and around 15,000 spectators.   In the first of the two days, competitors take part in a Standing Presentation outside the castle where they are judged for the elegance of both occupants and their carriage, the quality and neatness of horses and harness and their overall appearance.   On the second day the turnouts face a 15 Km drive through the country before the drivers demonstrate their skills through an obstacle course of 15 'gates' demanding a high degree of accuracy against the clock.   This year Chris Berens Scott gained the Lady Elegance prize in the Concours with two Cleveland Bays drawing a 1900 Break.

Pictures kindly sent by Chris Berens Scott Click to enlarge


Clevelands at Cuts 2011