2010 CBHS Awards

for Club Members

One of our most northerly members, Barbara Martindale from Cumbria was presented with the “America” Jack Welford Trophy by retiring President Mark Curry at the  CBHS 2010 Annual Dinner.   Together with her late husband Derek, Barbara has been a prolific breeder over many years.   She has now retired from the CBHS Council where her long experience will be greatly missed.   Barbara was President in 2005 and is a highly respected judge of the Cleveland Bay.   Three of her mares were provided to the University of Lincoln when it first set up the stud.   In addition to Cleveland Bays, Barbara is a breeder of both Dales and Welsh ponies.


Another Club Member, Maggie Brown, received the Sir Alfred Pease Trophy.   This is awarded for the Champion Foal based on the on the aggregation of placings in four shows in the heart of Cleveland country.   Maggie's foal Ditchley Magnum entered the Northern lists with a winning appearance at the Hinderwell Show on 6th August and a Second place at Danby Show a week later.   With Kevin Bulmer showing for Maggie, Magnum went on to win at Egton Show on 25th August.   A second place at Stokesley Show on Saturday 18th September secured a commanding lead for Magnum.   The foal is by Jim Warren and Lynette Sumner's stallion Southbrook Spellbound.   For many years Maggie was closely associated with the late Marygold Nixey at Harrington in Oxfordshire.   She now breeds on her own account, still in Oxfordshire.

Ditchley Magnum shown by Kevin Bulmer for Maggie Brown at Danby Show.

Also at the Dinner was Club Treasurer Jean Morgan who received the Kirkmoor Early Mourne Trophy from President, Dr Mark Curry. The trophy is awarded for aggregation of points for placings in Ridden Showing at various shows between April and September.   This year’s winner was Jean’s mare Thomsonbrook Englands Rose (aka Missy) who has been ridden by Vicki Gregory.   Born in 1997 Thomsonbrook Englands Rose is by Premium stallion Mr Tobias out of Turton Princess Royal, herself a Premium mare.   Jean is particularly fond of Missy who was her first pure Bred foal.   Her mother was Jean’s first Pure CB bought from Danby, North Yorkshire.   It was noted that this year a Pure CB won against strong Part bred competition.

TEnglands Rose 2010 233c

T. Englands Rose photographed at SCBC Show, Folds Farm by Sylvia Chamberlayne

Photo by Vivienne Brett

This year Maggie and Maurice Brown's Ditchley Trophy again came south.   The trophy for Pure Cleveland Bays aged four years old and over was presented by Dr Curry to Cecilia Delville-Lindsay for the Densome Stud stallion Cholderton Ixion (stable name, Smokey).   Last year Cecilia took the same trophy with the well known Folds Veronica.

PICT0086pw smokefoldsch10pw