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  Ceremonial Duties in 2010


Thanks to Club members for sending these pictures. The video clip on the left was taken at Windsor by Chris Graham on Garter Day, 14th June. (Turn your sound on and allow time for the blue bar below the picture frame to load, then click the start button.)  The photograph below of a Royal Progress was taken by a lucky Zoe Woods who had tickets to Ascot for a birthday present. If anyone can identify any of the horses we should like to hear!

Our first video and the unexpected appearance of an old friend


We have learnt that one of the Ascot Cleveland Bays was Willow Balladeer, who was put in the team as a last minute replacement for a much more exeperinced horse who had gone lame.   Although still a novice driving horse he rose spectacularly to the occasion and never put a hoof out of place.   Balladeer's former owner Rob Hatfield spoke to a Royal groom who was enthusing about his new charge.   They put two and two together and discovered that the new horse was none other than Bally. Sadly we can't say where he is in the team.   For more of Bally see Photopage 16.