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This new title has replaced the Magazine section of the website.   Much of the original content from the Magazine has been transferred to Cleveland World and this is where you will find reports, features and photographs plus articles of enduring interest which originated in the News pages.    Each item is listed below with a brief description.   Simply click on the underlined title words to view.    The material is grouped either according to when it first appeared or when last updated.   Cleveland World is still under construction so expect to see more content added soon!





A selection of news items from 2010                                                                                            1001

Trophies - CBHS awards to Club members                                                                        10.10     1011

Trip of a lifetime - Louise Hillman takes DP Finean across a continent                            10.10     1009

Flintham 2010 - Report and pictures from the CB classes at this end of season show     10.09    1010

Hawlmark Classic Twilight - Hunter success for part bred Cleveland Bay filly                 9.10      M33

Jaguar Moon - Part bred CB filly's success in the August 2010 Futurity Evaluations       9.10      M35

Mazetto - 1/4 CB Sporthorse making a big impression with Ashley Kehoe in the US        9.10     1003

Do we want the CB to be a Rare Breed? - A provocative article by "Compass"                9.10      M31

Samantha Thurman-Baker and Spring Pascal 2010 - A compilation from the News pages   8.10    M22

Equifest 2010 - Full report and photographs                                                                      8.10     1004

Thame Show 2010 - Cleveland Bays at Thame, a report by Jenny Dawson                        7.10     1008

Southern Cleveland Bay Club Show 2010 - Report and photographs                                  7.10     1007

Royal Festival of the Horse 2010 - Results, photographs and comments                           7.10     1005

Horse Tax - The story of a very unpopular government proposal                                      7.10      M11

Lulu's story or Problems, problems! - An encouraging anecdote from Carol Lines                        M32

Foaling Announcements 2010                                                                                               6.10     M21

Lambley Jack - A touching story of how a tragedy was overcome                                     6.10     M27

Stainmore Rueben 2010 - The continuing story of a remarkable CB in Scotland                6.10    M30

Ceremonial Duties in 2010 - Our first video and the unexpected appearance of an old friend    1006

A picture library - Why we should have one                                                                                   M29

Equine Infectious Anaemia (Swamp Fever) - The January 2010 outbreak                                    M28

Annie - A warm tribute to Bishops Bouncing Prospect                                                         1.10    M23

Of the Horses of Queens - French TV programme featuring CBs                                                1124

Blackclough Kilkerry in 2011 - Mare and foal placings in prestigious Scottish shows                    1123

Frolicking Cleveland Bays - Kings Troop horses at Polzeath                                                          1122

A Debt Remembered - Horse-drawn ambulance for War Horses                                                  1121

A Classic Year For Twilight - Another year of outstanding success for part bred filly                1120

Fred Joiner - A tribute to a much loved veteran breeder                                                             1118

Flintham Show 2011 - Another excellent show and a repeat performance                                    1117

Equifest 2011 - Results and photographs of the Cleveland Bay National Breed Show                  1116

Chertsey Show - 2011 CB Results                                                                                                   1119

Penrose Captain Jack - A Photopage featuring a fine young part-bred                                         1115

Rowena's Delight - SainteLucie Celine Isolina at Thame                                                                1114

Thame Show - An illustrated report of CBs at the Oxfordshire & Thame Show + Results           1113

Folds Farm Show 2011 - Incorporating the Southern Cleveland Bay Club Breed Show                 1111

Harrington Lady - An ambition to turn a broodmare into an eventer, by Jenny Dawson               1108

Derbyshire County Show 2011 - CB results from the 26th June show at Elvason                         1107

Trip to America - 2011 Upperville Show and much more, story and pictures by Zoe Woods        1109

Three Counties Show - Report and pictures from the Cleveland classes at Malvern                    1104

Suffolk Show - Report and pictures                                                                                              1112

Heathfield Show - Report and pictures of the premier show in the southeast                             1103

Clevelands at Cuts 2011 - Prestigious driving event at the Castle of Cuts near Compiegne           1106

King George V Competition 2011 - Report, results and loads of pictures!                                     1102

Foaling Announcements 2011 - See the details of this year's new arrivals                                   M36

Club merchandise - Kit yourself out!                                                                                                M6

Traquair Jason - The loss of a well known stallion and changing times at Beamish                       1105

Dougie Kearl - Goodbye to a good friend of the Club                                                                    1101


Stop thief ! - Tips on preventing loss and what to do if the worst happens                    12.09      M24

End of an era - CBHS AGM 2009 and the retirement of James Stephenson                   11.09      M19

Lady - A tribute to a very special horse                                                                           11.09      M18

Wyevale Little Miss - Karen Wylie's 3/4 CB Sporthorse                                                  11.09      M17

Folds Veronica - 2009: a highly successful year for this popular mare                             10.09     M25

A distressing story - some realities and myths of an international trade                         10.09     M26

Team Pascal 2009 - More on dressage stars Samantha Thurman-Baker and Spring Pascal  9.09  M16

Cleveland Grey - The story of Natterjack Toad                                                                9.09     M10 Stainmore Rueben - A rising star in the north                                                                     9.09    M15

Foaling Anouncements - 2009                                                                                              9.09      M9

Equifest 2009 - A slideshow of 44 pictures but without captions                                       8.09      ---  Epipheny Bay Farm -  Only the stoney hearted will fail to enjoy this one!                          8.09    M14

SCBC Show 2009 at Folds Farm - Photographs by Margaret Green                                     7.09    P13

Folds Farm Show 2009 - Results, including 2009 SCBC Show classes 18-22                        7.09     ---

Royal Show 2009 - Two slideshows from the 160th and last Royal Show                           7.09     ---

Royal Show 2009 - Results from the Cleveland Bay classes                                                7.09     ---

Farnham Lady Marygold - A tribute to a 33 year old grand dam                                         6.09     M12 Ramblers Empress - A tribute from Karen Wylie                                                                 4.09     M7

Olympic aspirations - Our first report on Samantha Thurman-Baker and Spring Pascal     4.09      M2

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Chertsey Show 2008 - Photographs from the Cleveland Bay classes

King George V Competition and Show 2008 - A selection of photographs


King George V Show and Competition - at Rodbaston College, Staffs - selected photographs

Harrington Show - a selection of photographs

SCBC Show at Folds Farm - a selection of photographs


Archive pictures - Taken at the 1980 and 1981 King George V competition events


Southwest Christmas Equine Fair                                                                                                   1203

Dr Andrew Dell- Thesis - Genetic analysis of the CB                                                                    1202

A Very Long Perspective of the Cleveland Bay - A major article by Henry Edmunds                    1201


A Show review from end of 2012 and all of 2013                                                                        1301

Southwest Equine Fair a review and all photographs                                                                    1302


Malvern show - Three Counties 2014 Results and report                                                            1401