About the Club  


     The Club originated in 1980 and until recently was called the Southern Cleveland Bay Breeders Club.   The new title reflects a membership which encompasses not only breeders but also owners and enthusiasts of the CB.

      Although the Club exists primarily to support breeders, owners and enthusiasts of the Cleveland Bay in the Southern and Home counties, parts of the Midlands, East Anglia and Wales, it has a membership extending throughout Great Britain and indeed worldwide.   It seeks to promote CB classes at shows and provide a programme which may include our own shows, clinics, demonstrations and social events.     

     A main aim of the Club is to promote the Cleveland Bay Breed.   One way we do this is by being present at many horse and agricultural shows.   Where possible we take our own promotional trailer on which we can display quality photographs of CB horses, distribute literature and offer for sale a wide variety of merchandise.   Members are on hand to talk to visitors and answer questions.   The Club stand or trailer is a great place for members to meet and exchange news and views!   Whenever opportunities arise we publicize the CB via both the print and broadcast media.

     The Club publishes an annual Handbook.   Our website provides a dynamic forum for communication between the Club and members but also reaches a worldwide audience.

    The Cleveland Bay Horse is a unique heritage.  We all have one pre-eminent consideration and that is to promote and ensure the survival of this most remarkable breed.