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Yesterday (14th November) we said that SCBC members were invited to join a CBHS visit to the Royal Mews planned for next March.   We now understand that places are limited and preference will go to CBHS members and friends.   Only if vacancies remain will Club members be able to participate.   Our apologies for raising members' expectations.   Of course many Club members are also Society members and will therefore be eligible.   Posted 15th November 2011.

Heathfield Show - May 2015

The class had a moderate attendance with Rosemeadow Springtime (Bobby) and two pure bred mares and two part bred coloured colts.


I was really pleased with Bobbys performance especially as he won the class and was well behaved and moved really well. Rosemeadow Springtime  turned 5 in April and is bred by Cholderton Whitethorn and Willow Topaz. His in fantastic condition at moment and were really delighted with his progress.


From Michala Blackburn



In hand

1st) Blackburn, Michala; Rosemeadow Springtime, br Hilli Britton

2nd) Underwood, Linda; Cholderton Fable br Cholderton stud

3rd) Underwood, Helen; Cholderton Galadrial, br Cholcderton Stud

4th)  Horwill, Sam; Holmside Pot Luck, br Norma Wilson




1st) Stappers, Emma; Wolfgang opal lady, br S. Fox,

2nd) Blackburn, Michala; Rosemeadow Springtime, br Hilli Britton (Best Turned out)

RosemeadowSpringtime Heathfield Show 2015 1 RosemeadowSpringtime Heathfield Show 2015 2

On 12th July 2015, The  Hedgehogs  a local fund raisings charity based in Farnham held  ‘Horsing around’; a garden party with equine entertainment. This was in aid of 2 local charities and and attracted a full house of attendees (over 210 people). The weather held and was perfect for the riders, several of  which were from local riding clubs including Tilford and Rushmoor RC and Farnham RC. The equines were coordinated by Ingrid Dziedzic , a local riding instructor and committee member of TRRC.


One highlight was a side saddle display organised by Jo Strange, chairman of TRRC, side saddle association  instructor  and panel judge and CB judge and enthusiast. Taking part was her 29year old registered Part bred CB Appleton Wiske,(granddaughter of Gerrick Majesty)  having rare outing to a party . She is here shown partnered by Jo Grimes,  who had only met her on the day, wearing  a blue Victorian historical costume as would have been seen on Rotten Row.


Several thousands of pounds have been raised from ticket sales and auctioned items(official total awaited) in what was a very successful event.


Photo (by Nigel Lomax) .



Shy equestrians need not strip off to attract motorists’ attention, as two riders from east Northamptonshire have demonstrated.

The Slow Down For My Horse Campaign was launched on Facebook last month (4 August).

It involves riders posting pictures of themselves hacking or leading their horses in their underwear with the caption “Will you slow down for me now?”

Riders Anna Meynell and Clare Burrows were keen to support the initiative, but decided to don inflatable sumo wrester suits rather than taking their clothes off.

The pair hacked out on Monday afternoon (31 August) in the air-filled suits on their horses Birlinn and Laddie.

“We got some strange looks but it was really good fun. Cars did slow down when they saw us,” Ms Meynell told H&H.

“We put the picture on Facebook and it’s gone viral with more than 2,000 likes. It’s even been shared in India and New Zealand.”

Birlinn, a five-year-old Cleveland bay, and Laddie, an eight-year-old Irish cob, were not fazed by the riders’ strange attire.

“We were more worried about the horses seeing us on the ground,” said Ms Meynell.

“We inflated the suits once we were on — they have a battery powered pump inside them.

“We went for a pootle down the road, we live in a quiet hamlet and the horses were fine.

“Cars do pass quickly around us, particularly in the morning.”

Slow Down For My Horse Campaign

Rider Lauren De Gruchy from Jersey set up Slow Down For My Horse Campaign and the Facebook page

now has over 30,000 likes.

Lauren launched campaign in a bid to make motorists pay attention to horses on the roads.


For more information visit:


H&H recommends that riders should only take part if safe to do so on their own private land.

Appropriate safety equipment should be worn at all times.

sumo horseriders

Jakreecha, a 5yr old registered part bred CB (and appaloosa), owned and shown by Jo Strange, was second in the appaloosa class at the 2016 Royal Windsor Horse Show. Having been found as a 4year old still running with his mother in Market Harborough, and seen nothing of the world, this was his first big show and he coped brilliantly with all the razamattazz. He is now backed and being ridden on with a view to doing some in-hand and ridden CB ( and appaloosa) breed classes later in the year.


Whilst he is spotty , he is still bay as his base colour with black legs, mane and tail (with a rug on he looks like a pale coloured bay!) and is a good stamp of a middleweight hunter with strong feet, good limbs, plenty of bone and active flowing straight movement, which are likely attributable to his CB ancestry. He is proving to be willing and trainable and we suspect he has bit of a pop in him, from jumping on the lunge.


Hopefully, he will go one to be an example of a part bred CB as he gains experience........You certainly can't miss him!




                                                          photo by www.esphotography